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Freezer Repair in Phoenix Metropolitan Area

Freezer Failure

When your freezer isn’t working, it can mean more than an inconvenience. It can mean wasted food, and that means lost money. Freezer failure can sometimes cause a mess, as well. Depending on the issue with your broken freezer, you could have leaking fluids and melted food and ice. If your freezer fails, finding a freezer repair service is the first step. In some cases, it can be a minor repair, but having an expert assess the issue and getting your freezer repaired is best to keep your freezer running smoothly and save money on replacing more than just your food.

What Is Freezer Repair?

If your freezer is not staying cold enough to keep your food frozen, you may be in need of freezer repair. There are a variety of issues that can occur with your freezer that can indicate the need for repair. Freezers are meant to keep your food frozen, but the effectiveness of your freezer can be impacted by the amount of food kept in your freezer, the cleanliness of your freezer, and the overall function of the freezer. If you notice an issue, contacting Affordable Appliance Repair Group can ensure that you get your freezer up and running as soon as possible.

Why opt for Freezer Repair?

A freezer can be a costly replacement, especially if it is attached to a refrigerator. There are two types of freezers. A standard freezer is generally part of a refrigerator and is notably smaller than a deep freezer. A deep freezer is typically a stand-alone freezer configured as a chest. Deep freezers don’t necessarily get colder than a standard freezer, but due to their structure, they are usually more insulated and energy efficient. Regardless of the type of freezer you have, the issues that arise from a failing freezer are similar and replacing a freezer of either type can be a cost you would rather avoid. This is why having affordable freezer repair service is so important.

Common Freezer Problems

There are many things that can go wrong with your freezer to indicate that it is not working properly. These issues include:

  • The freezer is not cold enough
  • Frost buildup
  • Water leakage
  • Strange sounds
  • Electronic malfunctioning

Any of these issues could indicate a problem with your freezer that requires an inspection. A professional freezer repair company like Affordable Appliance Repair Group is a great asset.

Freezer Repair Cost Estimate

The cost of freezer repair is definitely more affordable than replacing your entire freezer. With a professional appliance repair company like Affordable Appliance Repair Group, you can get a free estimate as well as a free service call with every repair. Repairs can include the cost of any parts that need replacing as well as labor and any other maintenance services that may be required to get your freezer up and running properly. In some cases, you can reduce your freezer repair costs by properly maintaining your freezer and troubleshooting any issues as they arise. Some troubleshooting techniques to try include:

  • Check the vents for signs of blockage
  • Keep the temperature around 0 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal cooling performance
  • Check that the freezer door is closing all the way
  • Inspect the shutoff valve for leaks
  • Limit the frequency of opening the freezer door
  • Operate the ice maker to check for power flow
  • Maintain 75%-80% capacity in the freezer

All of these tips can help you maintain your freezer and determine if an issue needs to be addressed by a professional.

Why Choose Us?

With years of experience, Affordable Appliance Repair Group brings our expertise to you to ensure that you have fast, reliable, professional service that saves you money. We provide an honest, accurate estimate for each job. We offer a free service call with every repair, and there is no charge for determining the problem or providing an estimate. When you approve the job, we offer you a 3-hour window for when the repair will occur, and our technicians are punctual and prompt. We also offer same-day emergency repair and are certified to install manufacturer parts. We guarantee our labor with a one-year warranty, and all parts have a 90-day warranty. We also offer much more than freezer repair and commercial freezer repair services. Check out the other services we offer:

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