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When it comes to home appliances refrigerators are the one biggest expense we experience, it also generally holds a pretty large investment of food items so we cannot afford to have it go down.

When you have a problem with your refrigerator it is always important to be able to get appliance service fast. At Affordable Appliance Repair we strive to come out the same day or next day with a priority for refrigerator failures.

Brands We Service

Amana – Admiral – Bosch – Crosley – Dacor – Electrolux – Frigidaire – GE – Haier – Hotpoint –Jenn-Air – Kenmore – Kitchen Aid – LG – Magic Chef – Maytag – Samsung – Sub Zero – Tappan – Thermador Viking – Westinghouse – Whirlpool

As well as some of the lesser known brands. Our company has been in the valley for a long time successfully serviced over 100,000 appliances over the years. Our company reviews with Angie’s List, YELP and others show that we as a company care about your appliance service needs. Below is a list of common problems with refrigerators and while this is NOT an exhaustive list it does cover most of the common issues.

Common Refrigerator Problems

Refrigerator Is Making Noise

These types of problems are the most difficult to diagnose over the phone, although the most common causes are from moving parts such as a refrigerator evaporator fan motor or condenser fan motor. The noises can also come from a refrigerator ice maker or dispenser motor as well as the compressor.

Refrigerator Defrost System Is Not Functioning

This type of problem is easier to spot, as usually the back panel will start to build up a frost pattern on it. Every few hours refrigerators are designed to turn on a heater behind the back wall in the freezer to melt the frost build up. When something like a thermistor also known as a refrigerator temperature sensor fails the computer will not know what to do or when to do it. These systems are known as adaptive defrost systems where a main electronic control board is taking readings every few seconds and adjusting to the environment. Other problems like a refrigerator main control board can cause a tremendous amount of problems and are a bit harder to diagnose and fix. The most common problem with this type of problem is the defrost heater.

Refrigerator Dividing Wall Is Hot To The Touch

Refrigerator condensers when clogged with lint or pet fur can cause the condenser function to be greatly reduced. This result is the refrigerator not cooling down all the way. Heat from the hot Freon gas must be dissipated and brought down so the refrigerant can be condensed back into liquid form. The problem is usually a restriction within the airflow system, i.e. pet hair on the condenser or condenser fan failure.

Refrigerator Side is Warm

Similar to the defrost issue if the defrost system has failed it can restrict airflow from the freezer compartment and prevent air from flowing over to the refrigerator compartment. When the temperature sensors inside the refrigerator that are called thermistors fail the refrigerator motherboard sends low pulse voltage through the sensor and waits for the return signal. The speed at which the signal returns will tell the computer processor what to do based on that information. This problem can also be the refrigerator damper system. This system allows airflow from the freezer into the refrigerator compartment. The only way to accurately diagnose this problem is to have an experienced technician test the system with a meter to determine the source of your problem.

Refrigerator Is Leaking Water

Exterior refrigerator water leaks come from a couple of different sources. Refrigerator water couplings, refrigerator water valves are a common failure item that can be a simple fix. Internal leaks can be caused by a couple of water sources such as a refrigerator icemakers or a backed up refrigerator defrost drain line.

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