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You count on your freezer to preserve your food for extended periods. It’s what makes meal planning possible. When your freezer breaks down, however, your stored food can spoil rapidly, leading to unexpected inconvenience and the cost of replacing lost items. Because freezer malfunctions can be so disruptive, you need to know who to call at the first sign of trouble.

At Affordable Appliance Repair, our experienced team is prepared to diagnose and resolve a wide range of freezer problems, from unexplained leaks to total system failure. Our Chandler freezer repair technicians are friendly and highly trained. We also respect your time, which is why we offer a guaranteed 3-hour service window for scheduled repairs. Our goal is to get your freezer back up and running as quickly as possible – all at a price you can afford. 

Our professionals provide same-day service for freezer emergencies, so do not wait to call (480) 914-3381 or contact us online!

Common Freezer Issues 

If you think something may be wrong with your freezer, you should get in touch with our team at Affordable Appliance Repair right away. Timely repairs completed by our skilled technicians can prevent minor problems from escalating into expensive emergencies. By addressing issues sooner rather than later, you can potentially avoid the complete failure of your appliance, which could lead to the loss of the contents of your freezer. 

Our Chandler freezer repair experts are equipped to resolve many types of common problems, including:

  • Freezer not cooling properly. One of the most common issues is when a freezer fails to maintain the appropriate temperature. This problem could stem from various causes, such as a malfunctioning thermostat, dirty condenser coils, or a faulty compressor. The thermostat might need adjustment or replacement to ensure accurate temperature regulation. Dirty condenser coils can be cleaned to improve airflow and efficiency. A faulty compressor, however, is a more significant issue that may require more extensive repair or replacement.
  • Ice build-up. Ice accumulation inside the freezer can reduce storage space and even affect the unit’s performance. This problem is often due to a damaged door seal, which allows warm, moist air to enter the freezer compartment, leading to frost formation. Checking and replacing the door seal can sometimes resolve this issue. Additionally, ensuring the freezer door is always closed properly can help prevent excessive ice build-up.
  • Strange noises. Unusual noises coming from the freezer can indicate various underlying issues, such as a failing evaporator fan or a malfunctioning defrost timer. The evaporator fan circulates air over the cooling coils, and if it's faulty, it can cause grinding or squealing sounds. The defrost timer, which helps regulate the cooling and defrost cycles, may cause clicking or ticking sounds when malfunctioning. 
  • Water leakage. Water pooling around the freezer is usually a sign of a blocked defrost drain or a broken water supply line. The defrost drain can become clogged with food particles and ice, preventing water from draining properly. Clearing the drain line can solve this issue, but if the water supply line is the culprit, it may need to be repaired or replaced to stop the leakage.
  • Freezer running constantly. If the freezer runs non-stop, it can lead to higher energy bills and potential mechanical failure. This issue can occur due to a malfunctioning temperature control thermostat, dirty condenser coils, or a defective evaporator fan motor. We can verify that the thermostat is correctly calibrated, clean the coils, and inspect the fan motor to diagnose the underlying issue and resolve the problem.
  • Freezer door won’t stay closed. When the freezer door refuses to stay closed, it can cause cooling inefficiencies and increased energy consumption. This issue might be caused by misaligned hinges, a worn-out door seal, or items obstructing the door's closure. We can adjust the hinges for a proper fit, replace the door seal, or help rearrange the contents of the freezer.
  • Freezer interior light not working. A non-functioning interior light can make it challenging to see and organize the contents inside the freezer. This issue is usually the result of a burnt-out light bulb or a faulty door switch. Replacing the light bulb is a simple fix, but if the door switch is at fault, it might need testing and replacement by one of our technicians.
  • Freezer producing an unpleasant smell. Foul odors coming from the freezer can quickly make your kitchen unpleasant. Even worse, it can make it difficult to store food without contamination risks. This problem might arise from spoiled food, a dirty interior, or a clogged defrost drain. Try removing expired items and cleaning the freezer’s interior first, but if the unpleasant smells persist, reach out to our team to schedule an inspection.
  • Freezer overheating on the outside. If the exterior sides of the freezer are excessively hot, there may be an issue with airflow around the condenser coils or the compressor’s ability to maintain a consistent temperature. We can work to ensure there is adequate ventilation space around the unit and clean the condenser coils to help manage this problem.

What Steps Should I Take to Protect My Freezer Ahead of a Chandler Heatwave?

Chandler’s summers tend to be brutally hot. The last thing you want when temperatures are at their highest is a freezer breakdown. 

Consider taking these proactive steps to help protect your freezer’s efficiency ahead of a sweltering heatwave:

  • Ensure proper ventilation. Make sure your freezer is placed in a location with sufficient airflow. Avoid placing it near heat sources like stoves, direct sunlight, or cramped spaces. Maintain a few inches of space around the freezer for proper air circulation, especially around the condenser coils.
  • Clean the condenser coils. Dust and debris can accumulate on the condenser coils, making the freezer work harder to cool its contents. Regularly clean the coils with a vacuum or a soft brush.
  • Check the door seals. Inspect the door seals to confirm they are intact and free from cracks or tears. A good seal prevents cool air from escaping and warm air from entering, which is vital during a heatwave. Call in our Chandler freezer repair technicians promptly to replace any damaged seals. 
  • Set the appropriate temperature. Make sure the thermostat is set to the manufacturer's recommended temperature (usually around or slightly below 0 degrees Fahrenheit). Avoid setting the temperature too low, which can cause the freezer to work excessively hard and consume more energy.
  • Minimize door openings. In the middle of a punishing heatwave, try to limit how often you open the freezer door. Frequent openings allow more warm air to enter, forcing the freezer to work harder to maintain the set temperature. Plan what you need to grab before opening the door to reduce the time it's kept open.
  • Stock the freezer wisely. A well-stocked freezer retains cold better than an empty one, acting as thermal mass that helps maintain temperatures during brief power outages. Try to keep your freezer about 75-80% full whenever possible, as an overloaded freezer can struggle to effectively circulate air.

What Should I Do If My Freezer Stops Working During a Chandler Heatwave?

Don’t panic if your freezer fails during an intense heatwave. There are several things you can do to minimize food loss and protect your appliance.

Here’s what to do if your freezer breaks down:

  • Assess the power supply. If your home does not appear to be experiencing a total power outage, check the power supply to verify that the freezer is properly plugged in and that the outlet is functioning. Inspect your circuit breaker or fuse box to determine if a tripped breaker or blown fuse is causing the outage. 
  • Keep the freezer door closed as much as possible. Avoid opening the freezer door whenever possible. Keeping the door closed will help retain the cold air inside, giving you more time to address the problem without risking food spoilage.
  • Transfer food to a cooler. If the freezer has been off for a significant period, consider transferring perishable items to a cooler with ice packs. Use insulated coolers to maintain a lower temperature for longer periods. Prioritize transferring meat and dairy products first, as they are often the most perishable.
  • Complete basic troubleshooting. Look for any obvious signs of malfunction, such as a damaged power cord, a tripped defrost timer, or obstructions around the condenser coils. Make a note of any concerning noises coming from the unit.
  • Call Affordable Appliance Repair. We offer same-day support for emergency breakdowns and are ready to jump into action. Our team will make every effort to fix your freezer as fast as possible. 

Our Chandler freezer repair professionals are also ready to fix your refrigerator, ice maker, oven, dishwasher, and microwave! Call (480) 914-3381 or contact us online today.

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At Affordable Appliance Repair, your satisfaction is our priority! See for yourself what our customers have to say about working with us.

  • "Affordable Appliance Repair has been a great company to work with."

    Jason was fantastic and was honest and informative. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for repairs.

    - Casey F.
  • "Probably the best service I’ve ever had."

    The rep was able to diagnose the problem immediately and fix it. Maybe took 45 mins and I forgot he was even there. Will use again for any future issues.

    - Weston B.
  • "Called Wednesday afternoon and they had a tech out the next morning. Spencer was great!"

    He quickly diagnosed the problem and fixed it very quickly. Fast, friendly and professional service. Will definitely recommend to friends and call them for any future repairs.

    - Cynthia C.
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